Keyword Selection
How important is this? Well, you can have the best looking website in the world but if no one can ever find it then it does not help you one bit. Conversely, if you are based in Norwich and you get inundated with enquiries from America for your "Car Wash" services you are not only wasting your time but will convince yourself that the website is a waste of time. You really only want to receive enquiries for "Car Wash in Norwich" or "Car Fleet Washing in Norfolk" or "Car Cleaning Norwich". They will be fewer but obviously of greater interest.

An Art not a Science
Thinking about these keywords or phrases is very much an art and not a science. You're trying to double guess what a prospect will be typing in the search box and it just might be "I need my car cleaned".


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Where do you want your customers to be? It sounds a silly question but replying to email enquiries from parts of the world you can't supply could waste a lot of your time.

This also impacts on the search engines that your site should be submitted to and how this is approached. 

These can be a combination of product, service  or brand based phrases but will eventually form the structural basis of your website.

Some careful thought needs to be given to this whole area and we suggest starting by producing a list of your "Top Ten" just to start the process.


Structure your site
Most web sites forget to TAG their pages. Web TAGs are how you tell the search engines what that page is all about so it can be indexed and ranked against other pages.

Also, It's no good saving a web page with a cryptic file name like psonic.html and expecting it to show up when a client is searching for a "Panasonic Dealer"!


Optimised landing pages
The general idea, once your clear objectives have been identified, would be to produce a specific page optimised for each keyword and embed these optimised pages into the fabric of the web site.

These optimised pages are called "Landing Pages" and will be the page that the search engine will rank highest for that keyword

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