The concept of an optimised web page might be new to you.

Tools exist to analyse a web page and to recommend the necessary adjustments to be made to it to optimise the chances of that page being ranked higher by a given search engine.

The optimised page then "sits behind" your normal web site and is then the one a client would be directed to when following the link from the search results. It becomes the "Landing Page" for them on your site.


By far the most popular search engine is "Google"
It is not the only one but initially we focus on Google optimisation . It often follows that if you achieve a high ranking on Google that you will probably achieve a high ranking on the others.

We submit your site to all the major search engines and the success of the process can be monitored on a regular basis for each keyword and the system fine tuned as we go along. The main  thing is to keep the "web crawlers" coming back to your site.

You can submit a website to a search engines yourself but....

An enhanced submission might involve uploading your entire site index to the search engine to enable it to see all your pages at once and direct the frequency that it visits your site to re-index it,

This can be a useful advantage  if you find you are updating or adding new pages on a regular basis or when you need to make some quick adjustments when your page slips down the rankings. Don't forget that you are battling for position with others all the time!


So, What actually is a Web Crawler?

Once a search engine is notified about your site, it will (eventually) send a "web crawler" or "web bot" to your home page. This web crawler is tasked with looking at each page it finds and, using a special program, indexing the entire page and keywords.

It will follow every link from your home page and then every link it finds from any other page it finds on your site. It then goes off to other sites and does the same. 

Most sites don't get indexed very quickly

Very often the cunning little "web crawlers" just crawl away from your site never to return unless they find a link back to your site from another web site. Links to your site also help you get higher rankings. We can pull the web crawlers back and if required run a parallel website to enhance rankings for keywords

Why you might need an .xml site map.

An .xml site map is a special version of an index of all the pages on your site that you want the search engines to know about. Each time you submit a new .xml site map, it basically brings them calling to find out what's new.

 SES by business degree online promotion team.

We don't want to make things more complicated than they already are.

If you are worried it all sounds too complicated and don't know where to start then we can simplify the process for you and help you take a fresh look at what you are doing or need to do

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